Pagoda Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you have recently received an invitation to take the Piercing Pagoda customer satisfaction survey, this article will be very useful. Our guide to the survey will tell you all about the rules and prizes of the survey, and we will help you get in touch with the jewelry company if you need more assistance. Keep reading to get your step by step instructions to completing the Piercing Pagoda feedback form in under ten minutes.


If you would like to take the online Piercing Pagoda survey at, you will need to meet a few requirements.

  • Participants must have a receipt that contains a survey invitation code and is not expired.
  • Survey takers will need to read and agree with the privacy policy before taking the survey.
  • People taking the survey must read enough English or Spanish to be able to understand the survey.
  • Survey participants will need internet access for the duration of the Piercing Pagoda survey.


When you finish filling out the Piercing Pagoda form, you can be confident that your feedback will be heard. However, getting to share your opinion is not the only reward of taking the survey. Piercing Pagoda encourages more people to fill out the survey by giving participants coupons. The exact nature of the coupon will vary from store to store, but it is generally some sort of discount. You will be given a validation code at the end of the survey, and once you write this code down on your receipt, you can redeem your survey prize.


1. Open your browser and the Pagoda survey address, into the address bar.
2. Click the link at the bottom of the page to take the survey in Spanish, or continue in English.
3. Use the drop down menus to select the time of your visit.
4. Enter the associate number of the employee who helped you. This will be labeled “ASSC” on your receipt.
5. Type in the total amount you spent in the store into the third box on the page.
6. Write your survey invitation code in box number four.
7. Click on the “Start” button to go to the questions portion of the survey.
8. Answer all of the questions about how satisfied you were with your trip to the store.
9. Submit the survey to collect your reward.
10. Write the validation code onto your receipt before closing the web page.


If you have any other questions about the Piercing Pagoda customer satisfaction survey, contact the company through one of these convenient methods:

Piercing Pagoda Contact Form
Phone Number: 1-800-866-9700
Address: Piercing Pagoda Corporate Office Headquarters
901 West Walnut Hill Lane
Irving, TX 75038 USA

Share feedback about your experience on Piercing Pagoda’s Facebook and , or comment below to let us know how the survey process went.

Note: Piercing Pagoda has temporarily disabled their customer satisfaction survey.

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