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Updated April 2018.

If you frequently eat at Burger King, you might want to know about the Burger King customer satisfaction survey. The following MyBKExperience survey completion guide includes all the information you need. It will explain how to take the survey at and how to receive the Burger King survey reward.

In addition, we have provided Burger King customer service contact details at the end of the article. With these, you can speak with a Burger King customer service representative directly.

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MyBKExperience Burger King Survey Completion Guide: Participation Requirements at

In order to participate to the MyBKExperience Survey, you will need to meet some requirements.

  • Have a receipt from one of the many restaurants from Burger King no older than one month (you need the restaurant number, date and time of your visit printed on the receipt to participate). Besides accessing the survey, you also need the receipt to redeem the Burger King coupon reward.
  • Be at least 18 years of age.
  • Be a resident of the United States.

MyBKExperience Burger King Survey Prizes and Rewards

The prize offered by the MyBKExperience survey is a Burger King coupon which you can present to the server next time you order a meal at Burger King. It is not a lottery or competition, everyone who completes the survey receives a mybkexperience code to use as he or she pleases. You can also give it to someone else, since it is not bound to your name.

The offer usually involves a free Original Chicken Sandwich or a free Whopper Sandwich with the purchase of a drink and side. It is a nice way of thanking customers for taking their time to share their opinions through the mybkexperience survey and therefore, improve the services of Burger King.

MyBKExperience Burger King Survey Step-by-Step Walkthrough

The MyBKExperience Burger King survey first step

The next section of the MyBKExperience survey completion guide explains all the steps you have to take. Now that you’ve got the receipt, it is time to enter the MyBKExperience survey and get your Burger King coupon code. Make sure you access the correct website,

Should you wish to change the language, you can do so by clicking the links near the right bottom of your screen. Next you should take the following steps:

The MyBKExperience Burger King survey step 2

  1. Access the Burger King survey completion page,
  2. Type in the Burger King restaurant number which can be found at the top of your receipt, right after “Burger King”.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Choose the state or province of the Burger King restaurant you visited, and enter the date and time of your purchase.
  5. Click Start.
  6. Answer the questions of the survey by rating different Burger King services and experiences, and Burger King menu items.
  7. Save the MyBKExperience codes you receive. You will have to print and show them to your server the next time you visit Burger King.

MyBKExperience Burger King survey.

The questions you have to answer involve whether you would recommend Burger King to your family and friends, and your overall satisfaction with the restaurant. Other questions from the BKExperience survey refer to rating the items you bought and the way you bought them (carryout, drive thru or dine-in).

Furthermore, some questions can include marking the place where you came from and the Burger King restaurant where you stopped to eat. Additionally, you might stumble upon questions referring to the cleanliness of the place and the friendliness and politeness of the staff. Last but not least, you will have to answer whether your server informed you about the survey that is taking place at

MyBKExperience Useful Information

For information about the Burger King menu, or Burger King nutrients and allergen information, visit their main website, If you would like to find a BK restaurant near you, or contact  a specific location, use the Burger King restaurant locator available at

You can contact the customer service department at 1 (866) 394-2493.

Other Useful links:

The Privacy Policy of the Burger King Survey

Burger King Gift Cards webpage

Burger King Facebook


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    1. Is there anyplace where I can find out which Burger Kings participate or accept the receipt coupons? I purchased this last meal in Grand Island, NE, but I’m going to Omaha, NE next weekend and wonder if they will accept the coupon?

      1. Hi Jody,

        I hope that my answer didn’t come too late.
        We have made a research and found out that if you use coupons on mobile app, you can choose in which Burger King Restaurant you can use them.
        If you received coupons from Grand Island, NE, you can use them only in that location. Also, if you have used receipt and made a survey on, you can only use that receipt in Burger King Restaurant where you purchased last meal in Grand Island, NE.

        Good luck!

    2. We are very disappointed and sadden that the Burger King (#00132) at 3725 Airline Hwy, Metairie, LA 70001 has closed. It was a mainstay for many in the area. The store suggested is too far away. I hope you will reconsider and reopen at this location.

    3. They fail to mention that in order to get the “Free Meal” you have to purchase a drink and required side at regular price. I would hardly call that a “Free Meal” The conditions of offer are stated on the back of the receipt.

    4. I went to Burger King #4546 today for lunch. I placed my order and presented a gift card for payment. After the meal was charged to the gift card, the clerk held onto the gift card and would not give it back to me. I had to create a scene to get the card back. I screamed, “give me back the card!” The clerk said, “well there is nothing on it!” I yelled, “give me back my card. I repeated, “give back the card!” Finally she gave it back to me. There was a $12.37 value left on the card after today’s transaction. If I didn’t know better I thought she was a thief. Later I called the manager because I wanted to leave my experience with you, but the receipt I was given was smudged and I couldn’t read the numbers. I then left my complaint with him. He claimed that she was inadequately trained. I believe that as my impression is that the least experienced employees are receiving and handling money in your stores.

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