Best of 2012: The Game That Should Not Have Been

Xenoblade: The Best of 2012

So we we were asked to write a small bit about the nerd item that had the most impact on us personally in 2012. This caused a little mental civil war in my brain ( I believe the Mini Lincoln was stationed somewhere behind the cerebellum).

All in all, nothing had my mind more captivated this year than Xenoblade Chronicles.

This amazing title was not even going to come to the US, even though it had an English version in the UK. Nintendo did not feel there was a market. Luckily a little movement called Operation Rainfall in 2011 showed them otherwise (NEVER underestimate the power of nerds in large numbers)

Here are some reasons why this is my #2 title of the year (Just barley being beaten out by Borderlands 2).

*BEST voice acting. Ever. Period.
*45+ hours in? Still getting twists and turns in the plot.
*Which matters, because you CARE about the characters due to amazing writing
*On the dinosaur Wii? No worries. This is one of the most gorgeous games ever made, and there i NO waggle controls (i actually recommend the classic controller for this one)
*Music? Yoko Shimomura would make Noboru Uematsu proud.

This shows that its not the size of the budget or marketing funds (COUGH*activision*COUGH), or how much the can re-invent the wheel for the 13.5th time and put pretty cut scenes on it (COUGH*squenix*COUGH). Its about amazing talent, working on a beautiful game, with a fan base so starved for good RPGS they will force a major player to bring it state side.

Now, good luck finding a copy.



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