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INTERVIEW: Who is Alison Prime?: Gamer Posts Family Plight, Fake Internet Persona Ousted

Steve Polk, better known as Alison Prime in gaming circles, actively assumed his online “gamer girl” persona in September 2014. What started as a way for Polk to escape life swiftly ...

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September Video Game of the Month: CASTLE CRASHERS REMASTERED

It would have been way too easy to go with Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain for the September pick. Instead, we decided to go with something that will ...


PARIS GAMES WEEK: The Scoop from Sony’s Show

Sony held their conference at Paris Games Week Tuesday and while there was some old news, there were a few new things worth noting. Viewing wasn’t particularly difficult with nearly every ...

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31 Days of Horror: THE THING (1982)

An alien organism crash lands on the continent of Antarctica and is ...
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31 Days of Horror: ORGAN TRAIL

Zombie survival mixed with a deeply ingrained nostalgia? Yes, please. Organ Trail, ...
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DOWNWELL Review: Like An Ice Cold Beer

If you’re the kind of person that hates that faux retro aesthetic ...

31 Days of Horror: IT FOLLOWS

A young girl is pursued endlessly by a supernatural being after a ...


It’s that time of year again, eh? Scary things, ghosts, goblins, bats, ...
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31 Days of Horror: TOKYO GHOUL (Season 1)

In modern-day Tokyo, society lives in fear of Ghouls: mysterious creatures who look ...
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31 Days of Horror: HOME

It’s where the heart is, it’s the place where we can realize ...
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31 Days of Horror: UNDER THE SKIN

A strange being from another world wearing the skin of Scarlet Johannson ...
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EGX 2015: What We Played — Part 2

If you’re here without reading part one, then you might want to ...

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PS Plus Games Announced for October — But What Happened to ‘Vote to Play’?

A post over at the PlayStation Blog has revealed an exciting October line up of free games for PS Plus subscribers. Topping off this coming month’s selection will be the intense, side-scrolling platformer Super Meat Boy and Double Fine’s latest adventure, Broken Age.  Edmund McMillen, who brought us the crucial must-play title Binding of Isaac, has finally brought its […]

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31 Days of Horror: UNTIL DAWN

One year after the tragic loss of two friends during a weekend getaway, eight friends reunite in an attempt to heal old wounds. However, as soon as the group gathers, things start to feel a bit off — and not just the usual ‘reuniting at the haunting mountain lodge where your friends’ died, on the anniversary of their death’ kind of […]

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Post-GamerGate: I am a Gaming Journalist (Opinion)

Gaming, as a hobby, has certainly dealt with its fair share of controversy over the years, from the moral panic of the 90s, to claims of social stagnation. But the GamerGate movement and the controversy surrounding it was a new world, entirely. This wasn’t another case of simple misunderstanding levied by individuals outside of gaming, […]

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EGX 2015: What We Played — Part 1

EGX may have relocated from Earl’s Court to the behemoth NEC in Birmingham, but that doesn’t mean that the party has stopped. In fact, this year’s EGX was bigger and better than ever, sprawled out across a massive show floor with a stellar showing from just about every corner of the gaming world, large and […]

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August Video Game of the Month – GEARS OF WAR: ULTIMATE EDITION

An obvious trend over this current console cycle is the rise of remastered games. Yet another gets picked for this month’s recommendation. A Xbox 360 classic, Gears of War was originally made by Epic Games, with Black Tusk Studios responsible for the Ultimate Edition. The title hits the Xbox One with style. Chainsawing action with […]

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COPPELION Review: Living in the Nuclear Wasteland

There is always something fascinating about watching or reading about dystopian worlds and the wonder of how somebody can manage to survive throughout there whether it be zombies, vampires and other miscellaneous creatures but then there is the nuclear aftermath and that’s how Coppelion comes in. Coppelion is a 2013 anime based on the manga series written by Tomonori Inoue […]

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BLOODBORNE: THE OLD HUNTERS Announced at Tokyo Game Show

Of all the things the video gaming community thinks it needs right now — following the Metal Gear Solid V release, an upcoming Fallout game that’s sure to put an end to any and all free time, and a plethora of back-catalogue-filling smaller releases — an endearing add-on to one of the year’s highest rated […]

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New Release: Plague Knight Infects SHOVEL KNIGHT With New Gameplay

One of the best modern games to be done in the style of 8-bit platforming, Shovel Knight, shall be getting new content for free real soon. On September 17, the Plague Knight DLC (formally known as “Plague of Shadows“) will be available for fans of the game to enjoy a brand new playthrough with. Plague […]

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BRAID Creator Jonathan Blow Finally Announces Release Date for THE WITNESS

Jonathan Blow, the man behind the famously well received game Braid, released a trailer for his long running project The Witness on YouTube today showing off the game’s surreal scenery and ending in a release date. The Witness, an exploration based game featuring vibrant landscapes and pebbled with handcrafted puzzles –all intricately designed, tested, and […]

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Bethesda Talks Big Plans For FALLOUT 4 Post Release

In the wake of one of the largest game unveilings in recent years, Bethesda continues to prove just how talented they are at predicting what their fans want, and delivering. Constantly aware of the climate within the video gaming culture, they make sure to reassure the fan base that the thing they love is going to […]

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