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GRAVITY FALLS Season 2, Episode 10 Review: Northwest Mansion Mystery

It’s kinda hard to imagine that Gravity Falls has been on hiatus since last Thanksgiving, but here we are. In that time, the show has only further cemented its reputation ...

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Video Game of the Month — January: RESIDENT EVIL HD

Greetings and welcome to Another Castle’s first ever Video Game of the Month segment. On a monthly basis, we will be highlighting a game that stood out above the rest. ...

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Twitch Streaming Schedule: ‘Japanese As F**k’ March

With the First-Person Shooters and Physics based games coming to a close, it’s time to move on to something more crazy and fun. More specifically, some video games from Japan. ...

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Leonard Nimoy, STAR TREK’s Spock And Cultural Icon, Passes Away At 83

Leonard Nimoy, the actor, author, poet, musician and photographer who ascended to ...
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Anime of the Month: DEATH PARADE

Welcome to our newest series — Another Castle’s Anime of the Month! As ...


Post-apocalyptic themed games have enjoyed something of a lime-light in the world of ...

New DUCKTALES Cartoon Coming to Disney XD in 2017

Disney announced on February 25, 2015 that a new version of its beloved ...

AMAGI BRILLIANT PARK Review: Light, Magical, and Fun

Amagi Brilliant Park is in trouble: the park faces closure if it ...
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Sony Seeks to Rectify Update 2.04 Nightmare, Soon

February 24, 2015 —Despite there being no concrete date set, Sony blog manager, Fred Dutton, publicly ...
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VIDAR THE GAME: 3 Days Left on Kickstarter

Vidar the Game is the Kickstarter that every die-hard RPG fan is ...

Music Monday — Korean Indie February: 10cm

With each Music Monday edition provided, we look to introduce our readers ...

Malaysian Cartoonist Zunar Has Copies Of New Book Seized By Police

On Valentine’s Day, Malaysian authorities seized 200+ copies of controversial cartoonist Zunar’s ...

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5 Must-See Korean Films on Netflix Instant Queue — Winter / Spring 2015

As Asian films ride a wave of new-found popularity in the west, streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime have begun catering more to eastern cinema. Maybe it’s due to these streaming services providing Asian features that has driven the public’s awareness to them, or perhaps it’s just the fact that there are some […]

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Brutal Angry Joe Interview with Paradox Tackles Broken Gaming

February 19, 2015 — Angry Joe, a video game reviewer with experience as a game tester released a cut throat interview with Paradox Interactive‘s CEO Fredrik Wester, & Shams Jorijani, the company’s VP of Acquisitions. Paradox has been the provider of some unfortunately broken games in the recent past, including Magicka and Sword of the Stars II.  The representatives not only […]

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FUNimation Announces DEATH PARADE Dub Cast

FUNimation Entertainment announced the English cast for its broadcast dub of the popular new anime Death Parade on February 17, 2015. The cast, directed by ADR director Zach Bolton and working from a script by Bonny Clinkenbeard, includes Alex Organ (Ghost in the Shell: Arise, One Piece) as Decim, Jamie Marchi (Assassination Classroom, Future Diary) […]

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20th Anniversary PS4 Auction: $127,000 Bid Failed, Sony Still Donated the Cash

On February 18, 2015, Sony released a press release in response to their commemorative PS4 auction celebrating their 20th Anniversary. Sony offered up a special edition PS4 complete with a #00001 serial number for collectors to bid on, proceeds would be donated to charity. In the end a whopping $127,000 was raised, but the final bidder failed […]

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USAGI YOJIMBO to Resume Publication in May

Dark Horse Comics announced on February 13, 2015, that Stan Sakai’s storied creator-owned comic Usagi Yojimbo will resume publication with issue #145 in May after a three-year hiatus. The new issue, as the official press release notes, is the first in the Usagi ongoing series since February 2012. The new issue also kicks off a […]

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GATCHAMAN CROWDS Review: Still Saving the World in the 21st Century

When you need a hero (or heroes) as there’s trouble afoot, who can you depend on to come to the rescue? Gatchaman! Reigning supreme over the Japanese children’s programming charts of the 1970s, Gatchaman fell into a nostalgic abyss by the turn-of-the-century, seemingly a long forgotten memory gone by. The well-known franchise has seen a slew of variations […]

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Music Monday — Korean Indie February: HOT POTATO

With each Music Monday edition provided, we look to introduce our readers to an array of new music and stylings from around the globe. Since the beginning, we’ve showcased everything from anime OST’s to outrun, and strive to continue delivering a diverse and enjoyable selection. Since Another Castle is always evolving, starting monthly themes seemed like […]

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Sony Announces New STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT Game

In a post on the official PlayStation blog highlighting the new titles to be released throughout 2015 for PS4, PS3 and the PS Vita, Sony announced that a new installment of the famous Star Wars: Battlefront series will be released for the PS4. Gamepur, which reported the news, speculates that Sony will announce more about […]

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Revolutionary for its time, Ultima games paved way for Western RPG classics before slipping back into the folds of time. With them followed many facets of the gaming experience which Ultima titles introduced. A new Kickstarter from OtherSide Entertainment has not only the boldness to bring that all back, but the talent to make it authentic, and relevant in their game, Underworld Ascendant. Cherished titles […]

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Art: Nathan Davis

Your Princess is in Another Castle: Adventures in Geek Dating

It is Valentine’s Day, ladies and gents. Yes, the day where love is in the air and you can almost taste it, or maybe that’s just the new perfume your significant other is using for *ahem* special reasons. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for those with significant others, though. It is also the start of an adventure for […]

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