SOUL AXIOM Early Review: Traversing Dreamlike Wonder

Soaring through violet streaked skies aboard great sailing vessel, the like of which pirates may have once used to traverse the seas, the beating sound of massive wings grows near. In the ...


WE HAPPY FEW Entering its Last Days for Kickstarter Funding

With Compulsion Games, the creators behind the noir-inspired platformer Contrast, entering its last week for funding for We Happy Few they seem to be a tad shy of their goal for this 60s-inspired funkadelic ...


BEYOND EYES Deserves to Be More Than Just a Footnote

Now that E3 has come and gone, it’s time to reflect on what made this year’s show stand above the rest. Surprise announcements left and right and fanboy / girl dreams ...

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E3 2015: XBOX Press Conference

Kicking off the first of the console press conferences, Microsoft spent over ...
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LIFE IS STRANGE EPISODE 3 Review – Chaos Theory

We’re back in Arcadia Bay, right where we left off, and it’s ...
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DURARARA!!x2 Review: Welcome Back to Ikebukuro

If you thought the streets of Ikebukuro were back to normal, think ...
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E3 2015: NINTENDO Digital Event

Day 2 of E3 has officially started with Nintendo’s Digital event. Nintendo ...

GIRLS UND PANZER Review: A Well-Told Story of Schoolgirls and Tanks

Girls und Panzer takes the often poorly executed idea of ‘cute girls ...
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SHENMUE 3 Kickstarter Hits Goal of $2 Million in Less than 12 Hours

In a completely out of left field move at PlayStation’s E3 2015 ...
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E3 2015: EA Press Conference

EA’s E3 2015 press conference ran half an hour longer than it ...
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E3 2015: PLAYSTATION Press Conference

Coming to the end of a conference heavy day of E3 2015, ...
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E3 2015: BETHESDA Press Conference

With E3 2015 in full-swing, there’s a massive amount of announcements and ...

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SMASH BROS. DLC Announcements – New Stages and New Characters

Announced on June 14, 2015, two separate DLC packs were released for Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS adding two characters that were hinted at through some leaked sound files on Reddit back in April: Roy, former Smash Bros. roster member and Fire Emblem protagonist, and Ryu, Capcom frontman for the popular tournie-fighter Street Fighter. All of this coming hot […]

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KUNG FURY: STREET RAGE Review: A Call-Back to Cathode Rays

The 1980’s were certainly an odd time in the footnote of America’s pop-cultural history, a time where muscle-bound action heroes dominated the silver screens and kung-fu beat ’em ups dotted arcades across the nation. It was this world of testosterone-powered explosions and nigh-invincible bullet sponges that Laser Unicorns found their inspiration for Kung Fury, a Swedish take […]

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Federal Trade Commission Persues Action Against THE DOOM THAT CAME TO ATLANTIC CITY Dev

Erik Chevalier is a now infamous game developer, not for his outstanding contributions to the gaming world, but for being the man who failed to produce the board game, The Doom that Came to Atlantic City, backed by Kickstarter, despite having $122,000 in funding. The scandal has even evoked the wrath of the Federal Trade Commission, who for the […]

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PlayStation Exclusive EVERYBODY’S GONE TO THE RAPTURE Gets Release Date and More

Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, the exploration-based adventure game from developer The Chinese Room, has finally received a release date. A post on the PlayStation Blog verifies that the PlayStation 4 exclusive will be released August 11, 2015. In honor of this announcement, Sony and The Chinese Room have launch a page specifically for Everybody’s Gone to […]

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MAD MAX FURY ROAD Review: Fire and Blood

The original Mad Max was an oddity spawned of a fuel injected cocktail of Mel Gibson, Australia, and a low-budget, low-fi post apocalyptic nightmare. The two subsequent sequels took the original’s vibe and ran with it, going full insanity, ending with Tina Turner and a bastardization of the lost boys from Peter Pan. With George […]

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When Netflix and Marvel announced a production to encompass four TV series that would begin with Daredevil and lead up to The Defenders, fans of ‘The Man Without Fear’ were cautiously optimistic. After all, while Daredevil comics have always been good to great (particularly in the last 30-or-so years), the previous attempts to translate the […]

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Capcom Rolls Out Another Remastered RESIDENT EVIL

On May 26 2015, Capcom would announce yet another game they are giving the remastered treatment to; Resident Evil 0.  Resident Evil 0, originally released on the Nintendo Gamecube in 2002, is the next game on the list of a few that have already been announced and/or released so far (Resident Evil HD, Devil May Cry 4: […]

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May Video Game of the Month: THE WITCHER 3: WILD HUNT

CD Projekt RED has put out a huge game very recently known as The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. For a game that is bigger than GTA V and Far Cry 3 combined, the game seem to be received quite well, and has more than enough to do in-game to keep you occupied for hours. This […]

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Please Stand By – FALLOUT 4 Announced

“Please Stand By” plastered across the television screen, warnings of catastrophe long since proven futile. The guitar twangs and piano plays harmoniously together in a ghostly melody forgotten and lost to time. “It’s all over,” the vocals bellow as camera separates from screen, backing away to expose chipping paint, tattered drapes and weeds attempting to […]

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GRAND THEFT AUTO V Ill-Gotten Gains: Delivering Golden Jets and Other Expensive Toys

In the wake of the March 2015 Heist update, it appears that Rockstar Games is at again with, yet another, content update for GTA V. Ill-Gotten Gains Part 1, releasing “next week” according to the Rockstar Newswire, will see that players have use for their new-found dirty money with encouragement towards lavish spending. The post […]

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