Tiny Epic Kingdoms

TINY EPIC KINGDOMS Review: Tightly-Packed Fun

From 2013 to 2014, microgames — games compact and simple enough to fit in your pocket — seemed to be everywhere in the tabletop scene. At first glance, they’re a stellar idea, ...

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BLUE SPRING RIDE Review: A Pleasant Romance Story

Amongst all the clamor and support for unique and revolutionary shows, Ao Haru Ride, or Blue Spring Ride, takes a familiar setup and delivers without becoming banal. The show could be dismissed ...

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6 Most Unexpectedly Good, Bad, and Strange Movies of 2014

2014 was a remarkable year in cinema. A slew of independent and foreign films got a major spotlight for the first time in years as well as the mainstream blockbusters ...

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Music Monday: TK of Ling Tosite Sigure ‘Unravel’ (Tokyo Ghoul)

Artist: TK of Ling Tosite Sigure Title: Unravel Genre: Post-hardcore, indie, progressive ...
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RESIDENT EVIL Remaster Now Downloadable

January 20, 2015 – Resident Evil‘s new and improved remaster is now available for ...
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Could SID MEIER’S STARSHIPS be the STAR WARS Game We’ve All Been Waiting For?

January 19, 2015 – Imagine a video game that takes the adventure ...
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Music Monday: CHOBITS x AVENUE Q

Artist: Avenue Q Video: Chobits (anime) Title: The Internet is for Porn ...
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5 Interesting Movies to Start The New Year With on Netflix

Every year it’s the same story: Christmas comes to a close and ...
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A press release by Capcom on January 14, 2015 confirms that Monster Hunter ...
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Saturday Morning Cartoons: STREET SHARKS

In keeping with the trend of anthropomorphic characters in 90s children’s programming, ...
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2014 was an outstanding year for gaming — particularly for co-operative gaming. The ...
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DIVINITY: ORIGINAL SIN Review: The Art of Save-Scumming

The RPG genre delivers a diverse array of gameplay elements, providing everything from turn-based battlefields ...

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SHOVEL KNIGHT: One of the Best Games 2014 Had to Offer

So, it’s not going to be a retro look back for this article. No, instead I’m going to take a look at something I thoroughly enjoyed in 2014. Something that has dug its way to the core of my heart and won me over the instant I saw the title screen with all its 8-bit glory — Shovel […]

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DOCTOR WHO Season 8, Episodes 6-12 Review

The first half of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who, while uneven in spots, had a nice slow burn going that continues straight through to the season’s conclusion. While it’s been a few weeks since the final episode aired, this review will remain as spoiler-free as possible. So now, with the  intros and warnings out of the […]

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Music Monday: SPEED MACHINE ‘Invasion 1988′

Artist: Speed Machine Title: Invasion 1988 Genre: Dark synth   Cover image via  

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Nintendo announces MAJORA’S MASK 3D Bundle

Back in November of 2014, Nintendo announced via Nintendo Direct that they were remaking a Nintendo 64 classic title, The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. After the success of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, this timeless game will now be redone in 3D as well for the Nintendo 3DS. While the game still […]

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Saturday Morning Cartoons: LITTLE ROSEY

Anyone else remember the short-lived Roseanne cartoon? Probably because it isn’t entirely worth mentioning or remembering, making it a perfect fit for our SMC series — you know, since you probably have no idea what we’re talking about. Airing a measly 13 episodes from fall to winter of 1990, Little Rosey was a lighthearted attempt […]

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WAYWARD #1-5 Review: A Stunning Hybrid of Comics and Manga

If the 2010’s could be called anything so far in comics, it’s safe to call it the “Second Image Revolution.” What I mean by that is that Image Comics — which helped drive the speculator bubble and awful crash of the comic book market in the 1990’s — finally overcame its stigma as a publisher […]

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ORPHAN BLADE Review: A Grand Adventure

As video games, manga and anime have ingrained themselves into American culture, we’re starting to see that affect comics now with creators weaned on all three entering the industry. If it wasn’t for that melting pot, we wouldn’t have things like Scott Pilgrim. Oni Press, the publisher of that iconic series, has kept bringing similar […]

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5 Must-Read Comics of 2014

2014 has been a top year for comics. The medium’s profile only grew higher, while publishers big and small debuted exciting new books and made big changes to existing ones. It’s been a great year; here are my 5 takeaways from it. 5.  Batgirl When I say Batgirl, I don’t mean the three-year run from […]

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Happy Second Birthday, Another Castle

Letter from the editor: When I started Another Castle two years ago, I never would’ve imagined that it would grow to be more than a side project. But between the bevy of talented and dedicated writers that have come and gone, a welcoming community, and an obsessive need for perfection, Another Castle continues to grow […]

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Long Running Webcomic GIRLS WITH SLINGSHOTS To End Next Year

In a December 29, 2014 update, Danielle Corsetto, creator of the popular webcomic Girls With Slingshots, revealed that her acclaimed slice-of-life strip will end in the next few months. Corsetto explained in the update that she’s had this planned since last January and plans to pursue an in-depth art education to better improve her work. This […]

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