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After Shock: THE WITNESS Taking Sales Hit from Piracy

Jonathan Blow’s The Witness has been the subject of much discussion over the past week. From controversy surrounding the price announcement to raving critical reviews, the message has been inconsistent, ...


Sticker Shock: THE WITNESS’ Price Reflects the State of Indie Development

On January 20, 2016, Jonathan Blow, the man responsible for indie hit Braid, took the final step in rolling out his next highly anticipated game, The Witness, by revealing the price tag ...

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5 Survival Horror Games Keeping the Genre Alive and Well in 2016

After a stagnant decade that left us with only a handful or so of notable survival horror games, it looked like the genre was returning in a big way in 2014, ...

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Sony’s ‘Let’s Play’ Trademark Denied

Mid last week, it surfaced that Sony Computer Entertainment had filed for ...

Did Sony Just Trademark ‘Let’s Play’?

Tuning into video games streams through Twitch and other streaming services has ...
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In Memoriam: The Video Games We Lost in 2015

Demand, studios / developers closing, funding, or even an overly ambitious and ...
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December Video Game of the Month: FINAL FANTASY VII (PSOne Classic)

Why pick an almost twenty year old game as opposed to something ...

5 Best Anime of 2015

2015 is about to come to a close and it’s time to reminisce about ...

Retro Reminiscence: PLAYSTATION 2

It’s official, we can now have backwards compatibility on PlayStation 4 — sort of. ...

November Video Game of the Month: RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER

This month’s choice came with ease as Crystal Dynamics delivers yet another ...
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PLAYSTATION EXPERIENCE Wrap-Up: The Good, the Bad, and the VR

Sony held their second annual PlayStation Experience on December 5-6, 2015, and ...

5 Must-See Asian Movies on Netflix Instant Queue — Winter 2015

Another season, another Netflix list. Although we’ve had to say “goodbye” to ...

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October Video Game of the Month: HALO 5: Guardians (MULTIPLAYER)

This is a hard one to comment on. This seemed like the easy pick and then I experienced the campaign, which is less than desirable. However, if you want something that goes toe to toe with Call of Duty: Black Ops III and then some, Halo 5: Guardians is for you. If you want a […]

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INTERVIEW: Who is Alison Prime?: Gamer Posts Family Plight, Fake Internet Persona Ousted

Steve Polk, better known as Alison Prime in gaming circles, actively assumed his online “gamer girl” persona in September 2014. What started as a way for Polk to escape life swiftly came crashing down on November 5, 2015, as internet sleuths discovered he isn’t a twenty-something cancer and abuse surviving woman, but a thirty-something man. No […]

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September Video Game of the Month: CASTLE CRASHERS REMASTERED

It would have been way too easy to go with Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain for the September pick. Instead, we decided to go with something that will cost you as little as fifteen dollars or even nothing at all. Castle Crashers Remastered is a gem from last generation gaming and even more […]

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PARIS GAMES WEEK: The Scoop from Sony’s Show

Sony held their conference at Paris Games Week Tuesday and while there was some old news, there were a few new things worth noting. Viewing wasn’t particularly difficult with nearly every gaming site hosting a stream of the show but, of course, some didn’t have a chance to watch. Just in case you fall into that […]

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31 Days of Horror: THE THING (1982)

An alien organism crash lands on the continent of Antarctica and is discovered by a Norwegian research facility. The Norwegians soon discover that the organism is a parasite that assimilates other organisms and imitates them to survive. With the Norwegians ultimately failing to stop the alien organism, it has now managed to infiltrate an American research […]

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31 Days of Horror: ORGAN TRAIL

Zombie survival mixed with a deeply ingrained nostalgia? Yes, please. Organ Trail, from developer The Men Who Wear Many Hats, is a take on the classic edutainment game Oregon Trail. This telling replaces the 19th century pioneering of North America with a post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland. With the east coast in shambles there is no option […]

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DOWNWELL Review: Like An Ice Cold Beer

If you’re the kind of person that hates that faux retro aesthetic that has plagued indie games for the last number of years, look away now, this is your Halloween nightmare come to pass. Downwell doesn’t just wear its retro influence on its sleeve, it bathes in it. Downwell harkens back to an age where […]

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31 Days of Horror: IT FOLLOWS

A young girl is pursued endlessly by a supernatural being after a sexual encounter passes it onto her. A ghostly STD, if you will. The creature takes on the shapes and forms of other people, stalking relentlessly down a daisy chain of consensual sex, with the view of mutilating and murdering its quarry, before moving […]

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It’s that time of year again, eh? Scary things, ghosts, goblins, bats, and so on. We’re gonna travel back in time for this next entry to the days of the Nintendo Entertainment System. Developed by Rare and published by LJN, A Nightmare on Elm Street brought a simple but fun experience to gamers back in 1990. […]

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31 Days of Horror: TOKYO GHOUL (Season 1)

In modern-day Tokyo, society lives in fear of Ghouls: mysterious creatures who look exactly like humans, yet hunger insatiably for their flesh. None of this matters to Ken Kaneki, a bookish and ordinary young man, until a dark and violent encounter turns him into the first ever Ghoul-human half-breed. Trapped between two worlds, Ken must survive […]

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